Manic Pixie Dream Band

Kaiser Chiefs @ The Tabernacle, March 10th, 2012

Ricky Wilson woos the angry mob

I saw the Kaiser Chiefs play live tonight. There is hardly an album that I have kept on repeat rotation longer in my life than their debut, Employment. I’m sure my sister can still pontificate fondly on the caterwauling she heard through the shared wall of our bedrooms during the height of my infatuation; I simply could not stop myself from wailing along with lead singer Ricky Wilson’s manic lyrics. Speaking of Wilson, he is a whirling tornado of symphonic destruction on the stage. He managed to break two microphone stands and possibly cripple at least one tambourine, causing Davy Jones’ ashes to flare the angriest shade of red at such abuse to his beloved instrument. It was a dream to finally see one of my favorite bands live.

A concert is always the most exhilarating when the singer does his damndest to make the crowd feel everything in their bones, convincing them that they’re a part of the magic of the night and that without them, the band would be nothing. The Kaiser Chiefs were more than successful at this endeavor, with Ricky Wilson at one time parting the crowd, only to immerse himself in it seconds later, and climbing a ladder to run through the balcony (allowing me the chance to touch him twice as he ran past.) Likewise, I’m not sure it would be possible to find a more dedicated audience; the entire crowd was one in spirit as we sang, screamed, clapped, and laughed along.

Near the end of the concert, I took a refrain from frantically dancing and bopping along and sat down to rest during a song that I wasn’t quite as familiar with, On The Run. I latched on to the lyrics, Oh, I live for these moments/just like this one, and I began to reflect on how perfect the night had been. Earlier on, before KC went on stage, I realized that unlike previous years, I didn’t make a beeline for the stage, but for the balcony and seating. I even caught myself wishing the band would get on with it so I could go home early. For a moment, I feared that I would turn into one of those people that used to be cool but gave it all up to stay at home and watch reruns of Matlock. Once The Kaiser Chiefs began their performance, all of my fears were whisked out the window as I was reintroduced to my one true love. There is nothing like becoming one with 200+ others as you all share a common love for music.

The band renewed my love for them, if possible, stronger than before, but they also achieved something much more valuable: they brought the old me, uninhibited by worries about money, old age, and an ailing body, back to life. And that is a truly a moment to live for.


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